The Game
Pilot Tycoon is the new flight simulator adventure game for the mobile phone. Work your way to the top as a pilot by doing various story line missions in multiple pilot careers.

Enjoy your life in an open world and buy new aircrafts and properties to make your life even better.

Expected release in the beginning of Q3 2014.
The Pilot Careers
Transport people around the globe to make money. From a simple aircraft to a private jet or try to carry 350 people at once in a Boeing 747! If this is not your thing you can of course also choose to only transport cargo. It is all up to you!
Train yourself to be one of the best aerobatics pilots and take part in airshows to show your skills and compare your results on the online ranking boards. Fly one of the best aerobatics aircrafts from the Extra 300, Pitt Special to an aerobatics Grob Twin III Acro glider.
Take part in thrilling missions with a figher jet or attack helicopter. And be able to fly those world famous aircrafts you have seen on the news all the time!
Buy the fastest planes you can and gain advantage of your competitors. You can even upgrade parts of your aircraft to improve your time even more. Maybe it is not so crazy to buy a lighter and less expensive aircraft and put a 18 liter v8 in it and let your online competition wondering how you can win from their wonderfull planes! The options are unlimmited and it all comes up on creativity, skills and training.
You need money fast? Do some missions for your uncle to gain some extra credit. Maybe even steal an airplane
Tired of flying yourself? Build your own airline and conquer the world before your competitors do. Buy new aircrafts, bases, hubs, employees and train your crew better in order to become the owner of the best airline in the world
Spray farm fields and fly over scrap airplanes to the airplane graveyard. Numerous missions to choose from to gain some extra money.
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Latest News
Aircraft List
March 12, 2014
There will be over 50 vehicles to choose from, vehicles? yes, not all of them will fly...
Release Dates
March 10, 2014
Release date for the mobile version is set to the beginning of 2014 Q3 the desktop version will be announced in a few weeks...
Pilot Tycoon